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No. 661: The Croquet Game

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The Croquet Game

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=661

Strip by: Muk

Subtitle: The CROQUET GAME {smiley faces are drawn inside the R, O, and Q}

{Charlie Brown has oddly-shaped eyes.}
Charlie Brown: Hose, is it?
{Patty reaches for a group of balls that look like her hair decorations.}
Patty: I want a wallet that watches my dress...
{Violet has an upside-down face.}
Violet: I can't have bread, I'm not going to play!
{A face is drawn on Schroeder's ball. Schroeder has an abnormally large head.}
Schroeder: We don't care!
{A blurred and swirled Lucy drops a ball.}
{Two people, one upside down, look out the window.}
Charlie Brown: {smugly} There's so much more to it. You have to think.
Schroder: {wearing a crown} I guess we all Good Kid ourselves
{Schroder misses his shot.}
Schroder: Rats! Whats hot!
{Violet is smiling and preparing to hit a vegetable of some sort.}
Violet: I haven't played croquet since I was a kid...
Schroder {behind a tree}: WHAT DO YOU MEAN, "WAS"?
{A blurred Lucy drops a ball again.}
{An evil-looking Patty with a long tail insults Charlie Brown, who has a double chin.}
Patty: Charlie Brown I'm going!!!!!! Knock all yoyo?? Yard clear to Brooklyn!!!!
Charlie Brown: If I survive, I'll worship the moon, or something, anything
{Shermy, wearing a beret, chases Snoopy, who has vampire fangs.}
Text: The dog is not perturbed.
{Charlie Brown stares in shock against a gray background as three purely-white outlines of himself lag behind.}
{Lucy drops the ball again, with a slight zoom-in blur.}
Charlie Brown {swirled}: It's personal, isn't it? You don't like me, do you?
Patty: (Wingdings)
{A wavy-looking Patty insults Charlie Brown, whose eyes have returned to panel 1.}
Patty: I'll cut off your ******* and nail it to my door! Like one of those lion door knockers rich folks got! That will be your *****!
{A fading-out-of-existence Lucy drops the ball again.}
Lucy: {multicolored} Well, I've finally reached a conclusion...
{A horizontally-stretched Lucy, having lost her color, addresses a strangely-colored Shermy and Violet.}
Lucy: We're insane!

The author writes:

Oh, if only this was on VH1. Then we'd have pop-up trivia facts explaining it.

Original Peanuts strip: 1953-10-11.