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No. 644: Peamogus

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=644

Strip by: Jacob S

{Shermy is reading the newspaper and talking to Charlie Brown}
Shermy: And it says here that Davy Crockett wasn't such a good guy, after all...
Shermy: And then they go on to say that in reality he was a drifter and a scoundrel!
{Charlie Brown and Shermy both look in the paper.}
{Charlie Brown suddenly cries out in a loud voice, both fists raised in the air}
Charlie Brown: SUS

The author writes:

Sometimes a meme blows up, becomes the big thing for a while, and then fades away. Sometimes a meme blows up and stays popular for a long time. And sometimes a meme blows up beyond comprehension, becomes milked to the extreme until everyone's heard of it, gets played with so much that layers of remixes and irony begin whirling around it like a ball of twine, and now has become an unavoidable tour de force of almost mythological proportions.

But enough about frozen pudding pops.

Original Peanuts strip: 1955-08-08.