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No. 594: Exactly what I want

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Exactly what I want

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=594

Strip by: Rufus

Biden: Fool. For years you have tormented me with your insults, your lies. Every word you speak is vulgarity. No more. It ends this very night, here in this crypt. Will you have enough time to truly understand the misery you have brought to my house? Is eternity enough time?
Biden: I hope so. That is how long you will spend sealed away, deep under the city. And when I die, so will die the last person who knows you are here.
Trump (chained to wall in alcove): Good.
Biden: What?
Trump: Yeah, this is good actually! I wanted this!
Biden, as he is putting the last brick into place: No, you didn't.
Trump: This is extremely good and I am really happy.
As the last brick is put into place: CTHUNKT
Trump, from behind the wall: Give me exactly what I want much, bitch?

The author writes:

[Ed. note: This strip would be perfect on The Nib.]

Original strip: Swan Boy #268.