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No. 570: Next week, Larry versus Ken and James

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Next week, Larry versus Ken and James

First | Previous | 2021-12-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=570

Strip by: Conor

Narration box: Story Update: Larry the Croc has been on "Jeopardy." Because of his ability to absorb the "History Channel" while asleep on the couch, he has been more knowledgeable than expected and is winning the game.
Alex Trebek: Today's Final Jeopardy clue is the following... "This black and white striped horse-like mammal is often the prey of crocodiles and other predators."
{Rat, Pig, Patty, Junior, and the crocs are watching on TV.}
Rat: Ohmygawd, that idiot croc is gonna win.
Indeterminate croc: Stoopid Larry gonna be weener!
Junior: My father... a "Jeopardy" champ.
Patty {with shocked expression}: My husband, a winner... at last.
Alex Trebek: Larry, you were in the lead with $64,000, of which you've wagered $40,000. And you said...
Written on Larry's podium: Whuht's zeebra?
Alex Trebek: "Zebra" is right! Larry, you are the new "Jeopardy" champion!
Rat, Pig, Crocs, Patty, Junior {all looking stunned}: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Larry {on Trebek's head and pulling Trebek's necktie}: EEN YOU FACE, TREEBEK!
Producer 1: Well done, Larry!
Alex Trebek: @*#*! @*#*!
Producer 2: Please release Mr. Trebek's head.

The author writes:

Comments: By a strict reading of the Jeopardy! rules, as well as their usual Final Jeopardy practice, "zeeba" would indeed be ruled incorrect, as it is phonetically different from "zebra". (Actual Final Jeopardy cases include "Scherazade" for "Scheherazade" and "Gallopoli" for "Gallipoli", which were both ruled incorrect.) However, "zeebra" would be perfectly ok - and Larry claims in the original that he has a "speech impediment", which shouldn't prevent him from including the 'r' when writing. Also, $64000 before Final Jeopardy is an extremely strong score which would usually suggest a concerted strategy for picking questions and wagering, a la James Holzhauer - in which case Larry would also know to wager low enough to preserve his lock game (especially given his spelling challenges). Finally, now that Larry is the champion thanks to this edit (and now in regular Jeopardy! rather than Celebrity Jeopardy!), his trivia knowledge should put him in good stead for a Matt Amodio-esque run as returning champion...

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