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No. 563: Plexiglass Before Swine

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Plexiglass Before Swine

First | Previous | 2021-11-27 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=563

Strip by: Mr. Skullhead

Goat: What are you listening to?
Rat: The Serpent Is Rising. I just got it. It's great.
Goat: Why do you like it so much?
Rat: Because usually when I get an album, I have to program out the bad songs on my iPod. But on this, every song I've heard has been so great that I -
iPod: {song begins playing} Don't sit on the plexiglas toilet. Said the mama to her son. Wipe the butt clean with the paper. Make it nice for everyone. So don't sit down on the plexiglas toilet. Yeah!
{Rat is nonplussed}
Rat: Never mind.

The author writes:

This is a reference to the Styx album The Serpent is Rising. The song Rat is listening to is called "Plexiglass Toilet", which is a hidden track that plays after "As Bad as This".

Original Pearls Before Swine strips: 2010-02-04, with help from 2010-01-30 and 2010-02-01.