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No. 542: Poochie

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First | Previous | 2021-10-09 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=542

Strip by: Mr. Skullhead

{Yoshi is leaving his house and talking to Poochie}
Yoshi: Bye, Poochie! Be back in a bit!".
{Yoshi is walking outside and thinking}
Yoshi: It's {sic} gotta be hard for Poochie now that we're leaving the house again after being home so often...
Yoshi: He must be so sad when we're gone... so lonely... probably crying the whole time because he misses us so bad".
{Yoshi comes home to see Poochie playing with an egg}
Yoshi: I came back early because you're a mess without me!"

The author writes:

Saw 528, couldn't resist.

Yoshi sprites ripped by Inky, Drshnaps, Sonicfan32, Murphmario, and DogToon64. Poochie sprites ripped by P-P. Egg sprite ripped by Superjustinbros.

Original Nancy strip: 2021-07-29.