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No. 522: Pink Jacket

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Pink Jacket

First | Previous | 2021-08-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=522

Strip by: CardboardLuigi

{Calvin puts on a jacket and walks out the door}
{Calvin is walking along, when he trips on a rock and promptly falls off a cliff. Why was Calvin walking along a cliffside anyway?}
Calvin {while falling to his doom}: AAAAAA
{Calvin wakes up, revealing that the previous five panels were merely just a dream. Well, certain newspaper providers would've made that the previous three panels, but the internet has no need for worrying about how much space a comic takes up.}
{Calvin gets out of bed and gets dressed. He walks out the door, and judging by what he's carrying, he's ready for school, which is remarkably out of character for him, providing subtle foreshadowing for what is about to be revealed three panels from now}
{Unfortunately for Calvin, he failed the notice that his house was floating in the sky for reasons unknown. We could probably wager numerous guesses as to why, but that wouldn't be relevant to the comic, as the important thing is that he's plummeting to his doom again.}
Calvin {falling belly-up}: AAAAA
{Luckily for Calvin, he was also dreaming that as well, as he wakes up again in some Inception-level tomfoolery. Understandably, he hesitates getting out of bed in the final panel.}
One of Calvin's Parents {presumably his mom, since she's usually the one who wakes him up in the morning}: Calvin? Are you getting up?

The author writes:

Calvin's jacket (not to be confused with his winter coat) is typically depicted as being blue in most Sunday strips. That's also the case for most of the original version of this comic, except for the third panel, which for whatever reason was miscolored as pink.

Originally, I was going to submit a version that only edited that panel so the jacket was the same color as the rest of the comic and give it the title of "Calvin Correction" (shown below), but then I thought "But what if...?"

version with blue jacket

Now I sort of wish that I made edits that gave him a green jacket and a red jacket to make a Lupin III theme, but oh well.

Original Calvin and Hobbes comic: 1989-11-19.