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No. 512: In The Wake of Stupendous Man

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In The Wake of Stupendous Man

First | Previous | 2021-07-10 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=512

Strip by: Conor

Stupendous Man: Stupendous Man circles the Earth with a 200-inch telescope lens!
Stupendous Man: Aligned perfectly with the Sun, the magnifying lens focuses the terrible solar energy...
{A giant smoking crater is shown}
Stupendous Man {voiceover}: ... and fries a certain elementary school clean off the map!
Stupendous Man {flying through an open window}: Now mild-mannered Calvin has no need to do his homework ever again! Liberty prevails!
Calvin's Mom {off-panel}: How's your homework coming, Calvin?
{Scene change: Two children in pyjamas listen to the radio with worried expressions. In the background their father is standing, holding a box.}
Radio: Watson Elementary School is...
Radio... destroyed
{The children look distraught while the father smiles, raising the box.}
{The box is revealed to be a board game which all three are now playing. The two children are openly bored while the father looks pleased.}
Father: Kyle, your word is "phylum".
Box: Zaggle! the fun phonics game

The author writes:

Guess not everyone at Calvin's school was happy when Stupendous Man destroyed it...

Original Calvin and Hobbes strip: 1989-10-12.

Original Perry Bible Fellowship strip: 'Missing School'.