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No. 503: The Kelrast Conspiracy

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The Kelrast Conspiracy

First | Previous | 2021-06-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=503

Strip by: Conor

Aldo Kelrast: {driving and holding up a bottle of liquor} Of the potential responses to my brakes' failure...
Aldo: {taking a big swig from the bottle} I did not choose the best.
{Aldo's car drives rapidly towards a cliff with no guardrail}
{Aldo covers his eyes as the car plunges over the edge}
Car radio: Hello, you're on Car Talk.
{Aldo's car lies in a mangled, smoking wreck at the bottom of the cliff}

The author writes:

New evidence has come to light from Aldo Kelrast's famous car accident 15 years ago which suggests all may not have been as it was portrayed at the time. While Aldo was certainly driving drunk and dangerously, did someone also sabotage Aldo's car in an attempt to ensure his fate? Suspicion now falls upon Prof. Ian Cameron, so quick to declare that Aldo would never trouble Mary Worth again...

Original Mary Worth: 2006-09-21, 2006-09-22, 2006-09-23 via http://www.zubbie.com/stuff/mw/

Original xkcd: "Brakes"