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No. 493: Laes Lhun

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Laes Lhun

First | Previous | 2021-05-06 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=493

Strip by: KelpTheGreat

Zoe: Mín padad-na i aes, gar-naneth bor! Mín see hú rív!
Zoe: Nin thír a naru naur rach, breg nor-! Adar golas mud-laes gwanur nall-gar-naneth treneri-.
Zoe: Tir-radag húd bo maenas! Radag glinn-glír, dab-ammen medi-aes! Im anír-thilivern nen, er tád neled canad, nedi-nin!
Wanda: SEE??
Pediatrician: BLACK speech is a problem, Mrs. MacPherson... SINDARIN you have to live with.
Zoe: Miog ech-din! Din! Din!

The author writes:

Hardcore Tolkien fans are probably going to be annoyed by this. There is almost certainly some error in the grammar or syntax of Zoe's speech. I used this Sindarin translator tool.

What Zoe's saying is an extremely dumbed-down version of what she's babbling in the original strip. Many words didn't translate, so I had to use synonyms and words in the general vicinity of the original words, in an effort to come up with something that looked Elvish. Here's what I fed through the translator (with punctuation added here for clarity):

We walk to the food, hold mother hand! We see dog bark!
Me look a red fire wagon, quick ride! Father leaves labor, baby brother cry; hold, mother tell.
Watch animal group on art! Animal sing song, allow us eat food! I want white water, one two three four, count me!
Cat make noise! Noise! Noise!

Like my last Baby Blues submission, this one scanned extremely darkly, and I had to clean it up substantially.

Original Baby Blues strip: Scan.