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No. 478: Tooting your own horn

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Tooting your own horn

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=478

Strip by: Conor

{Five people are gathered on a beach, each painting at an easel. From left to right they are Archie, Mr. Weatherbee, Jughead, Betty, and an anonymous young man with dark hair.}
Sign: Riverdale Art Club
{Betty has painted the sun over the water quite faithfully; Mr. Weatherbee has also done so but altered the colours to suggest sunrise with questionable success; Archie is ignoring the view to paint Betty at her easel, and has managed an excellent likeness; the anonymous young man, who bears a suspicious resemblance to Yves Klein, is putting the finishing touches on a blue monochrome; and Jughead has painted renditions of several of the author's other iToons and SRoMG submissions.}
Mr. Weatherbee: That's very imaginative, Jughead! I don't know where you get your ideas!

The author writes:

Gee, thanks, Mr. Weatherbee!

Original Archie: 2018-07-23.