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No. 447: Really Stupid Vast Pig

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Really Stupid Vast Pig

First | Previous | 2020-09-22 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=447

Strip by: KelpTheGreat

{Pig and Rat are in their living room. Rat is watching TV}
Pig {to Rat}: What does R.S.V.P. stand for?
{Pig is now standing in front of a neighbor's house, wearing an outfit of some sort}
Neighbor: Hey, Pig... welcome to our party.
Pig: Thanks for inviting me.
Neighbor: Wow... ripped shirt, velvet pants... you making a fashion statement?
Pig: Oh, no... I'm just following the directions on the invitation.
{Later, back in their living room}
Pig: You lied to me.
{Rat grins widely}

The author writes:

In the original, Pig reads the invitation on his own and makes a guess. I thought it'd be funny to see a version where he asks Rat for advice, only to have Rat act as he usually does.

I debated whether to have Rat grinning in the last panel or not, but I think it helps deliver the joke that Rat was purposefully misleading Pig for his own amusement.

Original Pearls Before Swine strips: 2003-01-28, 2003-02-13, 2006-07-20.