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No. 44: Dream Duty

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Dream Duty

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=44

Strip by: Mt. Calvin

Calvin's Anger: Ugh, I hate going to the subconscious.
Calvin's Disgust: Me too! Why doesn't anyone ever clean this dump?
(Calvin's Anger picks up a movie reel)
Calvin's Anger: Here's a movie reel. I suppose it's as good as any.
Calvin's Disgust: I grabbed these two. Let's get back to central cognition.
(Back at central cognition)
Calvin's Disgust: We can run this reel first.
Calvin's Anger: I hope these are better than last night's movies.
Calvin's Fear: Hurry up! The lights are dimming! Help me thread the projector!
(The movie/dream starts)
Calvin's Fear: Yikes, this is awful! Where did you guys FIND this?
Calvin's Disgust: Oops, the next reel isn't even from the same film.
Calvin's Anger: Good! Put it on!
(Calvin's Anger switches the movies)
Calvin's Disgust: This one is even worse! I guess it's some sort of suspense movie.
Calvin's Fear: Why can't we ever watch anything good?
Calvin's Anger: Maybe YOU should get the movies next time!
Calvin's Fear: AUGHH! Monsters! Monsters! Turn it off!
Calvin's Disgust: Too scary!! Quick, try another reel!
(Calvin's Disgust and Anger rush to switch the movie)
Calvin's Disgust: This one makes no sense! What's going on?? Has this been dubbed from some other language?
Calvin's Fear: NONE of these make sense! We're splicing them all out of order.
Calvin's Anger: What a waste of time!
(The lights turn on)
Calvin's Anger: The lights are coming back on! Show's over!
Calvin's Disgust: Finally! I thought this would never end.
Calvin's Fear: Back to work! Man your stations! Alert!
Calvin: Whoo, I had so many strange dreams!...I wonder what they mean.

The author writes:

Inside Out is a great film.

Original strip: 1995-05-28.

Admin's note: Quite spot on to the movie it's referencing. Was there something Bill Watterson wasn't telling us?!