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No. 438: My Dad Is Dracula (And Eight Days Of Rotated Punchlines)

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My Dad Is Dracula (And Eight Days Of Rotated Punchlines)

First | Previous | 2020-09-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=438

Strip by: Sloublues

My Dad is Dracula (and a Classic Gaming Console)
{Dracula is a classic gaming console.}
Dracula: Hi son
Dracula: Remember me?
{The son smiles.}
Dracula: But you don't seem too thrilled to see me right now
{The son is stressed as he notices a spider crawling up his arm.}

My Dad is Dracula (and Covered in Bugs)
{Dracula is covered in bugs.}
Dracula: Hi son
Dracula: Ants on a log used to be your favorite snack
Dracula: FYI, just smelling me is like 39 carbs
{The son is shocked.}

My Dad is Dracula (and Freshly Baked Bread)
{Dracula is freshly baked bread.}
Dracula: Hi son
Dracula: Breathe in that freshness!
Dracula: "Who needs a hug?"
{The son smiles and stretches out his arms.}

My Dad is Dracula (and a Game Show Host)
{Dracula is a game show host standing behind a podium labeled "DAD".}
Dracula: Hi son
{The son is standing behind a podium labeled "SON".}
Dracula: If you get this next one, you go home with the jackpot
Dracula: But I'm always here making sure you're safe
{The son smiles.}

My Dad is Dracula (and a Smoke Detector)
{Dracula is a smoke detector.}
Dracula: Hi son
Dracula: You may only notice me when I need batteries or you're frying bacon
Dracula: It's called "micro-unloading"
{The son smiles.}

My Dad is Dracula (and a Dishwasher Full of Clean Dishes)
{Dracula is a dishwasher.}
Dracula: Hi son
Dracula: Don't take everything out all at once just take what you need
Dracula: You might even find yourself
{The son smiles in excitement.}

My Dad is Dracula (and the Hero's Journey)
{Dracula is a face with the hero's journey running around the outer edge.}
Dracula: Hi son
Dracula: Who knows what you might find on that path?
Dracula: They'd appreciate it if you ate your asparagus
{The son looks annoyed.}

My Dad is Dracula (and the Dawn of Agriculture)
{Dracula is a field of grain.}
Dracula: Hi son
Dracula: 12,000 years ago our ancestors literally sowed the seeds of civilization
Dracula: Was I legitimately good, or was it just nostalgia?
{The son's smile is now tinged with the shock of sudden doubt.}

My Dad is Dracula (and an Astronomer)
{Dracula is an astronomer.}
Dracula: Hi son
Dracula: There are over 100 billion stars in the sky but tonight I'll find the brightest
{Dracula points his telescope toward the son.}
Dracula: I ate your dinner
{The son blushes happily.}

The author writes:

My dad is Dracula (and a webcomic where the comics on the home website are slightly different from the comics on the syndicated website, and also the home website's pages don't have proper permanent URLs).

Originals My Dad is Dracula strips: 2020-07-15, 2020-07-16, 2020-07-17, this one, 2020-07-18, 2020-07-19, 2020-07-20, 2020-07-21, and this one.