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No. 428: Dad was right all along

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Dad was right all along

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Strip by: KelpTheGreat

Calvin: Can't we cook the hamburgers yet?
Dad: The coals aren't hot enough.
Calvin: But I'm hungry! I want to eat now!
Dad: Well, you'll just have to wait.
Dad: You know, Calvin, sometimes the anticipation of something is more fun than the thing itself once you get it.

Caption text: Two years later...

Calvin: Hobbes, I did it! I ate enough boxes of cereal to get all the proof of purchase seals I need!
Calvin: Now I can order my beanie! Oh, boy! I can't wait to get it! I'll be so cool!
Hobbes: Not for over a month. It says to allow six weeks for delivery.
Calvin: Six weeks?!?
Calvin {in bed, probably several nights later}: Gosh, I can't wait to get my beanie! I hope it comes soon. Do you think it will? It's probably been almost six weeks by now, don't you think?
{Calvin is in school, daydreaming about his beanie. He imagines being able to fly high in the sky, waving to passing airplanes. He continues daydreaming all through the school bus ride home.}
Mom: How was school today?
Calvin: Oh, it was a blast! ...Did my beanie come today?
Mom: As a matter of fact, it did!
Calvin: IT'S HERE!

Caption text: THE THING ITSELF:
Calvin: Can you believe this? I've got to assemble my beanie propeller and motor myself!
Calvin: What do they think I am, an engineer? Look, I've got to insert these wires and this plastic switch! I can't do this!
Calvin {running, holding the assembled beanie}: Look, Hobbes! Dad assembled my beanie!
Calvin: I'm turning it on. Ready? Here goes.
Calvin: I'm not flying! This beanie doesn't make me fly!
Calvin {angrily kicking the beanie}: What a rip-off! I ate all that cereal, waited weeks and weeks to get the beanie, got Dad to assemble it, and the dumb thing doesn't even fly!

The author writes:

I read the Sunday strip that the first three panels are from, and Dad's line triggered memories of Calvin's beanie disappointment. Bill Watterson probably didn't intend that series as a continuity nod to Dad's attempt at teaching Calvin a valuable life lesson, so I decided to make a strip where the connection is undeniable.

I edited the beanie series down to what I thought were the most relevant panels, slightly rearranged them, and slightly altered some dialogue to accommodate the changes. I think it came out pretty well.

The strip's title comes from another CaH strip.

Original Calvin and Hobbes strips: 1987-08-02, 1989-03-03, 1989-03-04, 1989-03-06, 1989-03-07, 1989-03-11, 1989-03-13, 1989-03-17, 1989-03-18.