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No. 394: Prose Before Swine

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Prose Before Swine

First | Previous | 2020-05-21 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=394

Strip by: KelpTheGreat

Rat: What are you mailing?
Pig (placing a letter in a mailbox): My new submission to the poetry magazine.
Rat: Didn't they reject it last time without even seeing it?
Pig: Yeah... but I figure it can't get any more humiliating than that.
{The mailbox spits out the letter, which flies over Rat and Pig's heads}
SFX: Ptui!
Rat: Perhaps you should rethink your artistic endeavors.

The author writes:

For a while, I was hoping to have an author's comment below a Nancy remix on this site read, "Nancy comics all the time, from now on, forever." This would serve as both a meta bit of self-deprecating humor about how many Nancy strips I've made over the last several weeks, and as a reference to the author comment below this Buttersafe comic, which they wrote after posting three comics in a row on the same theme (the comment was echoed later, too). But for the comment to be funniest (to me, at least), it had to appear below a Nancy strip that not only followed a slew of others, but it had to be one that I had nothing else interesting* to say about, so that the comment would stand alone. And even though I was able to get eight Nancy remixes published in a row, I had something interesting* to say about each one, so I decided just to give up on that plan. But no one said I couldn't share it in the author's notes for an unrelated strip.

* For a given value of "interesting".

Anyway, about this remix: It bothered me a little bit that the funniest part of both original strips was just the mailbox spitting out the letter. I cut out the extraneous panels, mashing them into one strip, and I think the end result is funnier than the original two read consecutively.

Original Pearls Before Swine strips: 2002-12-10, 2002-12-11.