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No. 358: Earthbound Makes Everything Better

First | Previous | 2020-02-29 | Next | Latest

Earthbound Makes Everything Better

First | Previous | 2020-02-29 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=358

Strip by: KelpTheGreat

{Green shirt guy is holding a dog leash, which has a brown dog tethered to the other end}
Green shirt guy: They say that dogs are a mans (sic) best friend
Green shirt guy: And diamonds are a womens (sic) best friend
Blue shirt guy: What is a best friend for a hermaphrodite?
Green shirt guy: Hmmm
{Green shirt guy points down at his dog, which has turned into the Diamond Dog from Earthbound}
Green shirt guy: A diamond dog
{Green shirt guy and blue shirt guy are both happy}

The author writes:

This one literally wrote itself. It was the most bizarre thing - I had Brawl in the Family and Cyanide & Happiness open in two different tabs, when suddenly my mouse spontaneously developed a mind of its own! It downloaded the necessary comics, opened up Paint 3D, and went to work, moving faster than my eye could follow. It worked so fast, I could tell that it knew it had only seconds to live, and wanted to make use of its unexpected sapience. When it finally petered out, this comic was all that was left, the fevered brainchild of a short-lived mind.

Original comics:
Cyanide & Happiness: 2475, 4427.
Brawl in the Family: 502.