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No. 273: Supervillain Foot Camp

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Supervillain Foot Camp

First | Previous | 2018-10-30 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=273

Strip by: Averagemoe

{Doctor Oven gives a speech to Guess Hu, Ticking Time Bomb, D20, No-See-Um, and Captain Distractable (sic)}
Doctor Oven: {offscreen} Welcome, inferiors, to the Supervillain Foot Camp! Let us stir the dark cauldron inside you and bring forth all you evil potential!
SFX: {from Distractazooka} CLICK CLICK
Text on Distractazooka: CAptain D{cut off}
{Scarlet A and Target Man are seen behind Doctor Oven}
Doctor Oven: We ask you, though, to keep dastardly betrayals to a minimum until after foot camp is over.
{Back to Guess Hu and Ticking Time Bomb}
Doctor Oven: {offscreen} We must be allowed to help before we all start hurting.
Guess Hu: Makes sense!

The author writes:

The Author writes: I think it's been long enough since Nyperold's frenzy that no one is tired of Precocious remixes anymore.

Anyway, you can't tell here, but it's known that the entire cast of this comic practically never wears any shoes. So it seemed odd for the term "boot camp" to exist in their world.

Original Precocious strip: 2013-07-01.