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No. 239: Ammmmmmmm

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First | Previous | 2018-06-28 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=239

Strip by: KelpTheGreat

Teacher: there are four states that start with the letter 'w'
Teacher: barry, please list them for the class
Barry: oh, ok
Barry: wyoming...
Barry: uhhh
Barry: west virginia!
Barry: and...
Teacher: you responded with more than four answers and have confused 'm's and 'w's
      you've just failed all the classes
Barry: ammmmmmmm

The author writes:

I just thought it was really strange that after confusing all those letters, he then blurts out a long string of them correctly.

I did very little in this edit, only needing to very carefully select each individual W and vertically flip them, one at a time, in MS Paint. I think it turned out great.

Original strip: Left-handed Toons #1095.