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No. 223: Now We're Gitty-Gitty-Gitting SomewhAHAHA!

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Now We're Gitty-Gitty-Gitting SomewhAHAHA!

First | Previous | 2018-05-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=223

Strip by: Nyperold

{Bud is at a table with two sheets of paper and a writing utensil on it.}
Bud: Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to discuss the terms of this current Gemstone Estates civil war.
{Jacob is sitting on a locked box with "Weapons" and "Games" written on it; "Weapons" is crossed out, however.}
Bud: Two sides have formed, and they have agreed to do honorable battle.
{Dionne sits on a chair while Suzette sits on the floor.}
Bud: The fight shall involve the most sacred form of noble warfare...
{Autumn and Tiffany sit side by side.}
Bud: ...the tickle fight.
Tiffany: War is awesome!
{Autumn looks at her.}
{All participants gather around a table.}
Bud: Alright, here are the basics. Each kid can only be tickled by two kids maximum. If you can't stand any more, you are out of the war. We'll all be wearing swimsuits only to prevent passive defenses. Last standing side wins. What else do we need?
Tiffany: What counts as giving up? Should we say so? Are we out if we laugh?
{Bud side-eyes Dionne.}
Bud: No, you should say so, but hurting others should also count.
Dionne: Why are you looking at me?
Someone 1: I assume we're using fingers only...
Someone 2: Standard four tickle spots only?
Someone 3: Right: Underarms, ribs, tummy, and feet.
Someone 4: Let's keep the fight to one room so no one plays cheap and hides away.
Dionne: I feel persecuted
Someone 4: Well, you have problems with ethics, Dionne.
Dionne: So can we break kids' fingers?
Someone 4: See! That's what I mean!
Someone ?: It's just tickle-'til-they-give-up people! Don't be obnoxious!
Someone ?: If we wet ourselves, can we have a time-out?
Someone ?: No, you big baby!
Suzette: Can we please stop fighting so we can start tickle fighting?

The author writes:

What if the "most sacred form of noble warfare" were a different kind of fight? And how cute would this be, measured in Curled-Up Tiffany Ets (CUTEs)? (And would SI prefixes work as they usually do, or on the principle of smaller = cuter?)

In this version of events, it was clarified off-panel that "swimsuits" mean "shorts for the boys, and age-appropriate bikinis for the girls".

The longer, nicer version of that one answer is "No, but we will be making sure everyone's used the bathroom before we even start."

Dionne is much meaner here. Dude.

Original Precocious strips: 2009-04-07, 2009-04-08.