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No. 218: Brown Immortality

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Brown Immortality

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=218

Strip by: Nyperold

Charlie Brown: When I'm twenty-one, life will open up for me! I'll be a man! I'll be a real person! I'll be an individual!
Linus: This is 1971... Figure out what year that will be...
{Charlie Brown does so, tongue sticking out in concentration. When he figures it out, however, he casts his eyes upward in displeasure.}
Charlie Brown: 1984!
Caption: In 1984...
{Charlie Brown is standing on the pitcher's mound, ball in hand. Lucy stands on the side.}
Lucy: Do you remember what you told my brother back in 1971?
Lucy: It's thirteen years later now...
Lucy: If we're twenty-one, we're pretty short, among other things...
{Lucy walks away, her cap having been pulled down over her head, presumably by Charlie Brown.}
Lucy: I shouldn't have mentioned it...

The author writes:

The hazards of nailing down a year while implying that your characters grow up like normal when you know you're not going to let them.

(April 3, 1984, had Spike and arguably a cactus as its only characters, hence the use of the 4th.)

Original Peanuts strips: 1971-04-03, 1984-04-04.