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No. 200: The Big 2-0-0

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The Big 2-0-0

First | Previous | 2017-12-21 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=200

Strip by: Nyperold, Manny, Sloublues

Caption: Happy 200th Strip! Choose your character!
Caption: P1 -- P2
{A Street Fighter-styled character select screen featuring 200 characters}

The author writes:

Well... This was time-consuming. But here it is: My idea for the 200th iToons strip (though I doubt it'll actually BE the 200th), a character selection screen with 200 characters from various comics. I did the majority by myself. Nyperold and Sloublues commented on suggestions and ideas, but eventually, I mostly just winged it, though I did devote two rows to specific types of characters.

Click here for the larger version. For those who are confused as to who all of these character actually are (some are instantly recognizable; others, not so much), here's a guide, so you can Google them.

Also, 200 strips!? We're really hitting it big!