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No. 172: RACISM

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First | Previous | 2017-04-25 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=172

Strip by: Xindaris

Orson: Ah..AH..CHOO!!
Booker: Hey, Orson! You got a phone call from CHINA!
Orson: Really?!
Phone (in what must have been intended as a "Chinese" font): Bress you
(the strip has a looping animation where the word "RACISM" shows up in red over the 3rd panel and it slowly zooms into that panel and that word.

The author writes:

This is a joke from a Weird Video Games episode that I thought was hilarious, and probably deserves to become a legitimate meme. The episode in question is here ; I also grabbed the image of the word from a screenshot of said episode because I didn't want to go to the trouble of figuring out exactly what font it is. I suspect it loses something without the sound of blaring alarms, though.

(The joke of the original strip is that his sneeze is so loud people in China can hear it. I will admit it's not a very good joke, but it happens in about a week-long run of "wow, Orson sure does have powerful/loud sneezes!", some of which are pretty decent.)

Original Strip: U.S. Acres 9/6/1988