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No. 148: One Panel Bug

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One Panel Bug

First | Previous | 2016-12-27 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=148

Strip by: Cdudeiscool

{Bug, Geek Bug, God Bug, Girl Bug, and Cool Bug are in heaven, with white shirts/dresses, halos, and wings.}
Narration: Heaven is like prison, where your death is your crime. I wonder how many folks lie about their deaths to sound cool. I mean, let's face it. Most of us are gonna have boring deaths. But I suppose God makes it hard to lie about such things.
Bug: What are you in for?
Geek Bug: I stabbed a guy. No, wait, reverse that.
Bug: I felt icky, went to the hospital, woke up here.
Geek Bug: Riveting. I'll call Michael Bay about optioning the rights.
Girl Bug: Wow! You were still wrestling the baboon after you leapt out of the zeppelin?
Cool Bug: Yep. That's when I took a surface-to-air missile to the face.
God Bug: {pointing to Cool Bug} What? No. He croaked from trying to push out an impacted fart.
Cool Bug: ...You suck at being a wingman.

The author writes:

What with the many "One Panel Garfield"s going around on SRoMG, I figured I'd condense one of my favorite webcomics into one panel.

Original Strip: Bug (Martini) 7-21-2011: Heavenly Hyperbole