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No. 143: Beware of Falling Memes

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Beware of Falling Memes

First | Previous | 2016-12-15 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=143

Strip by: Xindaris

{Wade walks by as Orson paints on a sign "Beware of"}
{Wade looks increasingly nervous as Orson adds "Falling"}
{Orson has painted the word "Memes", and now there are some memes falling on Wade, just as he feared}

The author writes:

US Acres in general is a bit of a bizarre strip. It's mostly just the entire cast of characters alternating between acting normal-ish and being nasty to each other for no apparent reason, and the original version of this is a great example of how even the "nice ones" like Orson can just randomly be evil. I mean, what other possible reason could he have for writing that sign besides knowing that Wade is Fated to have anything that a sign warns him to beware of INSTANTLY happen to him? Maybe writing something strange like "Oujia boards" was his way of testing the waters with the matter-production capabilities of Wade's anti-power, but there's no denying that it's still a mean thing to do.

Anyway, this strip struck me as highly exploitable. Just replace the words at the end of the sign with whatever you want Wade to have fall on him, and you can be just as mean to him as Orson! I've even attached an exploitable something with the words "Ouija boards" removed to make it easier, but you'll have to deal with removing or covering up the boards themselves yourself, I'm not very good at that, as you can probably tell even though I covered up most of the mistakes with the memes.

Original strip: US Acres 1988-04-30.