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No. 135: The Craig Compilation, Vol. I

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The Craig Compilation, Vol. I

First | Previous | 2016-10-15 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=135

Strip by: AlduinTheCat

[Basic Panel Setup]:
Narration Box: First Class Geek: Happily sails away from the shores of reality.
{Insert phrase from appropriate panel (shown below)}
Cashier: Uh, Craig?

Wheelchair Bug: Move it, cripple.
Bug With Candy Bowl: You're my first trick or treater of the night.
Necromancer Bug: Oogity Boogity!
Zombie Falling From Ceiling: Zombie gonna bring the pain!
Jittery Bug With Sunglasses: It was my fault for not reading the instructions.
Bug With Party Hat: HAPPY BIR-
{In the distance, a Bug has kicked the shins of another Bug so hard, their nipples have fallen off.}
Bug With "ME" Written On His Torso: What the hell am I doing here?
Sleepwalking Bug: ZZZ...must drown puppy...ZZZ...
{A monstrous Bug stands by the counter.}
{An axe-wielding Bug quietly stands by the counter.}
Astronaut Bug With Martini: I walked on the surface on the moon.
Bug With Bouquet Of Flowers: C'mon! I could be your "flabby Romeo"!
Bug On Segway: I can walk...BUT I DON'T WANNA!
Inebriated Bug: Take yer top off!
Passionate Bug With Drink: Bet yer ASS it will!
Satanic Bug With Dagger: Hear me Satan! Accept this sacrifice and reveal my sweetheart!
Angry Bug With Television: I'm gonna cram this TV down yer throat!
FemBug With Futuristic Clothes: I'm you in the future. Don't date Trevor!
{A Bug holds a flaming BabyBug aloft.}
Flying Bat-Winged Bug Head: Why are you delivering 40 spatulas to the president of Zimbabwe?
Large, Upset Bug: {Sadly} Been a long time since anyone called ME a sexy stud...
Large, Defensive Bug: You sold my arm?
Condescending Bug: Ugh. This guy is such a disgusting twit.
Eerily Calm FemBug: The kitchen is on fire.
Drunk Bug With Bottle: Sorry, Honey...*hic*...I'm TOO drunk to go home with an orc like you.
Large, Present-Bearing Bug: Here's your prize for not croaking this year.
BugBot: I suspect there is a traitor among us.
The Filibuster: Your criminal activities have just been vetoed!
Tribal FemBug: Moo-goo walla walla!
Emo Bug: Wanna go drink wine and listen to "The Cure"?
Angry FemBug: God, I wish you'd die in a grease fire!

The author writes:

Bug Martini is a great webcomic. One of my favorite things about it is the large variety of really weird characters. I liked this panel of an early strip, because you could pretty much just replace the Bug in the 3rd panel with anyone. AND REPLACE HIM I DID! 32 new versions, and this is just the first page! I hope to do more of these! Even though writing out all the original strips is very trying.

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