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No. 100: The Comic Alphabet

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The Comic Alphabet

First | Previous | 2016-05-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=100

Strip by: Cody, Nyperold, Sloublues, DEIDATVM, aurilee, b_jonas

Pub Patron: As I get older, Andy, my hair keeps falling out.
Caption: A is for Andy Capp
{Proto Man is in a tank of some sort. Dr. Light is showing him off to Dr. Wily.}
Dr. Light: Behold! My latest creation, Proto Man!
Caption: B is for Bob and George
Ship: Can the moon prove it? Cuz your mom has a receipt.
Katy: ...Um.
Caption: C is for Count Your Sheep
{Wildy-san and Biggs hug.}
Wildy-san: Dad would be proud.
Biggs: Aww...Thanks sis......
Caption: D is for Dand and Mab's Furry Adventures
Immanuel Kant: Everyone, come quick!
Plato: What is it Kant?
Kant: It's Plutarch, he's done something terrible!
Caption: E is for Existentialist Comics
{Roger is squeezing a stress ball while Andy appears to be preparing food.}
Roger: Four meetings, two conference calls, and I don't want to think about how many e-mails I had to answer.
Caption: F is for FoxTrot
Cotton: Great! At last we're on the same page!! I'll go get some Coffee², and then we can get to work!
Caption: G is for Gene Catlow
Trixie: {thinking... yeah, as if she could talk at this stage} Hmm... Let's see if we can't make this a little more interesting.
Caption: H is for Hi and Lois
Aurora: I don't know if Pasqualo told you this, but the last time I saw him, he was very upset with me. I still remember his frightened eyes. And instead of thinking "go comfort him," I thought...
Aurora: "It Hurts!!" and I just left him there.
Caption: I is for It Hurts!!
Marcy: Joe, what do you think of my hairstyle?
Joe: Uh-oh. This must be a Black History quiz!
Caption: J is for Jump Start
Tsumugi: {thinking} Knowing Mio-chan, I'll bet she's probably helping Ritsu right now.
Text Box: Mugi hits the nail on the head.
Caption: K is for K-On!
Blake: Look! The first snowflake this year!
Caption: L is for Little Dee
Mark: Mushrooms are just one type of the over 100,000 described species of fungi ... life forms that can be found worldwide!
Caption: M is for Mark Trail
Helen: Nobody else would.
Mell: Got it.
Caption: N is for Narbonic
Llewellyn: {visible as shadowy outline} Oh, hello, Millicent.
Caption: O is for Ozy and Millie
Spock: Pain! Pain! Pain!
Spock: Millions of children!
Spock: To raise and put through college! Unbearable pain!
Caption: P is for Planet of Hats
Steve: Quick, we've gotta get him inside, before bluebirds spontaneously land on his shoulders and he breaks into song. This is how musicals get started.
Ellen: Aww, but I like musicals.
Marten: My musical would be written and scored by the Fiery Furnaces. It would be nigh-incomprehensible.
Caption: Q is for Questionable Content
Peekaboo: Remember to click 'save'.
Caption: R is for Rose is Rose
Guy L: Sonic, Quake, Tetris, Snake Lemmings, GoldenEye 007, Zelda, Civilisation, Tomb Raider, and even, inexplicably…
Caption: S is for StickManStickMan
The Cartoonist: Three awakened, plus the Vegetable Sentry's still active. All four Sentries are in play.
Orpuddex: I could not have come to Tetris at a more opportune time.
Caption: T is for Triangle and Robert
Dewey: Unknown patron makes gift of food.
Mel: Too risky. Dispose.
Caption: U is for Unshelved
Carl: Vanity? Really? You have been in space far too long. There is little about flying your moist organ sack around that heightens my sense of self worth.
Vexxarr: So there is nothing appealing about the one and only chance you may ever have to play a ship of the line, however temporarily?
Caption: V is for Vexxarr!
Ronnie: {walking out of a McDonald's with paper bag in hand} Wow, that was really cool of them to believe me.
Caption: W is for Whomp!
Alice: Xorph… Do you know how I got here? Where I'm from?
Xorph: Well… no.
Mike: That's one of the rules – only you know why you're here.
Caption: X is for Xorph
{Ena, with a net, and Jumbo, just using his hands, are trying to catch cicadas in a house.}
Yotsuba {holding up a cicada}: YAAY!
Caption: Y is for Yotsuba&!
Lyn: zzz
Caption: Z is for Zombie Roomie

The author writes:

Thanks to all who participated!


Original Andy Capp strip: 2016-02-13.

Original Bob and George strip: 2000-04-09.

Original Count Your Sheep strip: 2003-09-19.

Original Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures strip: #89.

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Original FoxTrot strip: 2015-04-19.

Original Gene Catlow strip: 2000-11-15.

Original Hi and Lois strip: 1996-01-14.

Original It Hurts!! strip: 179, 2014-07-03. (WARNING: Possible plot element spoilers.)

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Original Zombie Roomie strip: 2016-02-01.