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Comic 16



Kidnapper #1 (MFL) Listen, this is, um, Eagle 8. Are you watching the house? Trent Dickson, P.I. (MFL) Copy that, Eagle 8. Eyes on target.

Trent notably does not currently have his eyes on any target whatsoever. Eve puts the phone back on the bed and peers through the blinds.

Computer voice The screen of your phone now shows the buttons you will use to communicate with us.

The gates to the mansion are starting to wind open. Trent is continuing to not notice them.

Kidnapper #1 (MFL) Anything to report? Trent Dickson, P.I. (MFL) No cars. Just a housekeeper. Computer voice Press OK now.

Eve reaches forward hesitantly to touch the phone.

Meanwhile, outside, a motorcycle going through the gates up the driveway. Trent continues not to notice, looking in pretty much the opposite direction as he gesticulates.

Kidnapper #1 (MFL) Just a... didn't we tell you to call in any activity? Trent Dickson, P.I. (MFL) You told me to call in when the parents arrived. Computer voice Press OK now.

Eve, having come to some sort of conclusion, goes out the door of Bob's bedroom, leaving the watcher phone on the bed.

The motorcycle goes into the garage, and the gates start closing again.

Kidnapper #1 (MFL) Well, goddamn call when you see any activity, OK? Trent Dickson, P.I. (MFL) Sure, no problem. Computer voice Press OK now.

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