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Comic 15



Eve, without taking her finger off the phone's cameras, slowly puts the phone back on the bed and reaches into her pocket.

Kidnapper #2 (MFL) We agreed we wouldn't talk in front... Kidnapper #1 (MFL) This is canned snot powder. The camera's not working. Do we abort? Computer Voice Repeat: We are watching you now.

Eve pulls her own phone out of her pocket.

Kidnapper #2 (MFL) We go on. Audio's working, I can hear the message playing back. Computer Voice We are listening to you now.

Eve lays her own phone next to the kidnapper's phone and starts to remove the sticker from the camera over her own phone.

Kidnapper #2 (MFL) Maybe... the parents got back early. Call the detective. Kidnapper #1 (MFL) What's his name? Computer Voice Keep the phone charged at all times. You have three backup batteries.

We see a splendidly effusive, very eccentric nincompoop detective sitting in a car, pretending to read a newspaper, outside the Noon family's mansion. He answers the phone.

Trent Dickson, P.I. (MFL) Trent Dickson, private investigator at your service, how may I enlighten you? Kidnapper #1 (MFL) Jesus Christ on a lolly-pop stick, where did you get this guy? Kidnapper #2 (MFL) Hush. Computer Voice Your son's life is in your hands.

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