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About Eavesdropper

Eavesdropper is an original webcomic story.

Andrew Shellshear had the original story idea for a film, but has not had the time and opportunity to produce it. David Morgan-Mar suggested collaborating on a graphical version, so that the story can be told in a visual medium. The story is finite, with a planned ending. We estimate it will take approximately 100 strips to complete - about two years of publishing once per week.

The visual presentation is inspired by the original film concept. The comic panels are intended to be reminiscent of film storyboards.

About the authors

Andrew Shellshear is a founding member of the Comic Irregulars, a group of friends who began the webcomic Darths & Droids in 2007. He also enjoys film-making and has produced a handful of short films and music videos. Eavesdropper is his story, originally conceived as a full-length film, finally made public in this comic form.

David Morgan-Mar is also a founding member of the Comic Irregulars, but began making webcomics with Irregular Webcomic! in 2002. In 2014 he began the comic Planet of Hats as a project to improve his cartoon drawing by creating parodies of every episode and movie involving the Star Trek original series cast. After completing Planet of Hats in early 2017, he suggested a new project to continue working on drawing skills: turning Andrew's film idea into a comic.

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