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No. 841: Going viral

First | Previous | 2021-02-02 | Latest

Going viral

First | Previous | 2021-02-02 | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/dinosaur/?comic=841

Strip by: David Morgan-Mar

{T-Rex is wearing a face mask}
T-Rex: Well, I got tested for COVID.
T-Rex: Negative!
T-Rex: Turns out it only infects mammals.
Dromiceiomimus: {also wearing a face mask} So, why are we all wearing face masks?
T-Rex: Good question!
Utahraptor: {also wearing a face mask} T-Rex!
Utahraptor: We're wearing face masks to protect us from the giant meteor strike!
T-Rex: Of course!
T-Rex: Haha! Sucks to be a mammal, huh?

The author writes:

This is why you want your nostrils near your mouth.