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No. 804: I'm Boudica, I am

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I'm Boudica, I am

First | Previous | 2019-02-21 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/dinosaur/?comic=804

Strip by: David Morgan-Mar

Caption: Previously in English history:
T-Rex: I'm Boudica.
T-Rex: Queen of the Iceni Celts!
T-Rex: My husband, Prasutagus has died, leaving the kingdom to me and our two daughters.
Utahraptor: Your Grace! The Romans are ignoring your husband's will!
Utahraptor: And grabbing your lands!
T-Rex: Whut?! I shall lead an uprising against the Romans!!
Caption: LATER:
T-Rex: Yeah! Flee! Looks like the sun's set on YOUR empire!
T-Rex: Hmmm...

The author writes:

Boudica was from that era when everyone spelt their names in 5 or 6 different ways. Boudicca. Voadicia. Bunduca. Boadicea. Boudiga. Bodicca.

I think we should reclaim that idea. Spell your name differently every time you have to write it anywhere! It'll be awesome!

My passport says Daffyd Morgon-Marr. My bank account is in the name Davith Margen-Maher. My credit card has Devvit Magge-More. My driver's licence says Ɛyphidd Mnurggan-Meyer.

I'm sure this won't cause any problems.