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No. 732: Powerlessness

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First | Previous | 2018-09-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/dinosaur/?comic=732

Strip by: David Morgan-Mar

T-Rex: The power just went out.
T-Rex: Everyone go home!
T-Rex: We obviously can't do any work with no electricity.
Dromiceiomimus: You mean goof off browsing the Internet.
T-Rex: That's what I said.
Utahraptor: Hey, T-Rex!
Utahraptor: World War III just broke out. Power grids have been taken out by EMP all over the world!
T-Rex: Oh man.
T-Rex: No 4G reception either!

The author writes:

We were reminiscing at lunch about how in our old office (before the company moved to a new building), we had the occasional blackout, and management would send everyone home for the day. Or other times when the company network would go down and everybody would wander aimlessly around the office, with nothing to do but talk to co-workers.

One time when there was a blackout, everyone got sent home. Except my team, because we were hosting visitors from Japan and had wall-to-wall technical meetings scheduled with them. So we were stuck in the non-air-conditioned office, all day, in a room with no lights, only natural light coming in the windows, in an all-day technical meeting. In the middle of summer, so it got stifling hot in there very quickly.

And I never got a day off in lieu when the entire rest of the company (except my 3 or 4 team mates) had a day off.