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No. 693: Culture Shock: Part 2

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Culture Shock: Part 2

First | Previous | 2018-03-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/dinosaur/?comic=693

Strip by: David Morgan-Mar

Caption: Australian visiting America:
T-Rex: A restaurant!
T-Rex: WOW! Look at the size of the meals!
T-Rex: Actually, this steak is a bit tough. But that's okay, I won't make a fuss.
T-Rex: So much cheese...
Utahraptor: Hi! Howya goin? Is everything just peachy here?
T-Rex: Uh, yes.
Utahraptor: Let me fill your water glass for you! Have a nice day!
T-Rex: I've only had one sip.
Utahraptor: Not a problem, sir!
T-Rex: Stop smiling! It's creepy!!

The author writes:

On the other hand, when I visit the USA, I'm always disconcerted by how much attention the service staff give me. And all the chatter and bright sunshiney disposition seems uncomfortably fake to my Australian-oriented expectations.

To be fair, American customer service is in general more helpful and timely than Australian. Even we Aussies sometimes get frustrated with how difficult it can be to attract a waiter's attention here.

Personally, I think Japan has the right model. The staff leave you absolutely alone, and won't come near you, until you call them - and it's easy to call them. (At least once you figure out how. My first time in a Japanese restaurant without local accompaniment it took me quite a while to realise there was a call button on the table.)