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No. 645: Chocolicious

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First | Previous | 2017-11-08 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/dinosaur/?comic=645

Strip by: David Morgan-Mar

T-Rex: The "Hershey process" was invented to stabilise milk before it is used to make
T-Rex: But it involves lipolysing the milk lipids into butyric acid, which imparts a sour taste. American consumers are so used to this taste that other manufacturers add butyric acid to their chocolate.[1]
Utahraptor: Isn't butyric acid the thing that gives vomit its smell?
T-Rex: Yes. Yes it is.[2]
Utahraptor: Ewwww!!
T-Rex: America, you are adding vomit smell and taste to your chocolate.

The author writes:

[1] Hershey Bar, Wikipedia.

[2] Butyric acid, Wikipedia.

Seriously. "Here's this delicious thing. Let's deliberately add stuff to it that makes it taste and smell like someone being sick."