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No. 630: Best of three?

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Best of three?

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/dinosaur/?comic=630

Strip by: Andrew Coker, David Morgan-Mar

T-Rex: A friend of mine is doing a music program called
T-Rex: School of Rock.
T-Rex: Music coaches guide your band through rehearsals and it culminates in a live performance.
T-Rex: I'm going to start my own program.
T-Rex: Which will be better!! I'll totally on-up the School of Rock!
Utahraptor: Neat! What will you call, it?
T-Rex: School of Paper!

The author writes:

School of Rock is a real music education program at the local music school near me, and I've taken two terms of lessons with them, playing drums for performance of various rock and pop songs. Yes, I've performed on stage as part of an actual band. It's a very cool experience for anyone learning an instrument.

It totally beats School of Scissors.