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No. 490: Poles apart

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Poles apart

First | Previous | 2016-11-28 | Next | Latest

Strip by: David Morgan-Mar

T-Rex: The north polar ice cap is thinning because of
T-Rex: Polar bears hunt on the ice[1], so they're having trouble finding food[2]. Some are beginning to migrate all the way to the southern polar regions[3].
Utahraptor: Whoa, really?
T-Rex: Yes. They're becoming bipolar bears!
Utahraptor: You're using a global calamity to set up a sleazy pun?
T-Rex: Yes!
T-Rex: It's what the oil companies want!

The author writes:

There are actual facts in this comic!

[1] Polar bear, hunting and diet; Wikipedia.

[2] Polar bear, climate change; Wikipedia.

[3] Polar bears migrating south; The Guardian. (Okay, exactly the opposite, but close enough for humour!)