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No. 413: Periodic Table: 36 Krypton

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Periodic Table: 36 Krypton

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/dinosaur/?comic=413

Strip by: David Morgan-Mar, Tim Mason

T-Rex: T-Rex presents The Periodic Table:
T-Rex: Another noble gas discovered by Sir William Ramsay[1], in a fit of chemistry around 1900. Used in virtually all so-called "neon" lights.
Utahraptor: Also the birthplace of Superman![2]
T-Rex: Not entirely coincidental! Superman was modelled on Ramsay, who was a real life superhero.
Utahraptor: Wow!
T-Rex: He spread nobility everywhere.
T-Rex: Srsly.

The author writes:

[1] Sir William Ramsay, Wikipedia. This guy not only discovered krypton (in 1898), but also argon (1894), neon (1898), and xenon (also 1898), and was the first person to isolate helium (1895), and furthermore was the first person to suggest that the radioactive gas discovered in 1900 by Friedrich Dorn that was given off by radium, was in fact another noble gas element (in 1904), which turned out to be radon. He won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1904, basically for discovering all the noble gas elements. This guy added an entire column to the periodic table.

[2] Krypton (comics), Wikipedia. Although frankly, now that this comic has been published, "Krypton (comics)" should also be an article about the noble gas.