Andrew’s Patisserie, Pennant Hills

7 Ramsay Rd, Pennant Hills, New South Wales

Continuing to clear the backlog of previously unposted reviews, today we return to an expedition to Pennant Hills to visit some friends. After spending a late morning visit, I was heading home and getting peckish around lunchtime. So I stopped at Pennant Hills Marketplace, and old fashioned and somewhat run-down shopping centre, with 1960s era buildings on two sides of an open car park. One of the shops here is the nondescript Andrew’s Patisserie.

Andrew's Patisserie, Pennant Hills

I search for a vanilla slice, but alas they don’t seem to have any. Oh well, better settle for a sausage roll. They look all right in the warmer.

Sausage roll: Andrew's Patisserie, Pennant Hills

Taking my acquisition out of the plain white paper bag, it looks pretty good.

Sausage roll: Andrew's Patisserie, Pennant Hills

Well-cooked pastry, with perhaps a little too much browning near the ends, topped with a crunchy sprinkle of breadcrumbs. It promises to deliver some flaky crunch. The meat visible at the ends is obviously well done, and a huge chunk of onion pokes out, caramelised almost to charcoal.

Sausage roll: Andrew's Patisserie, Pennant Hills

That pastry is very nice! Just ever so slightly overbaked, but crisp, light, flaky, without a hint of sogginess. And that’s good, because the meat inside is very moist, so avoiding the sogginess in the pastry is a good achievement and provides a texture contrast. The filling tastes great, with big chunks of onions and visible chopped green herbs, seasoned to a nicely savoury flavour without being too salty. The negative side is the mouth-feel, which is decidedly average – minced meat mixed with some bulking agent, making it a bit too smooth and pasty, rather than meaty. But I’ve had a lot worse, and the flavour is really quite good. It’s not amazing by any means, but solidly above average for a random suburban mall patisserie.

Sausage roll: 7/10

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