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Sunny Vi Huong Hot Bread, Gladesville

239a Victoria Road, Gladesville, New South Wales

I was passing through Gladesville late one morning when I felt the need to stop and have a break, and a snack. After parking the car, I used Google Maps to search for a bakery in the strip of shops that runs along the main artery of Victoria Road. It showed Baker’s Delight (a bread bakery chain – no hot food or cakes), Sunny Vi Huong Hot Bread, and Art of Baking. I tried Art of Baking first, but discovered it to be a super fancy wedding cake place, with no actual cakes for sale – just a door leading to a tiny room with enough space for maybe three people to stand, with a counter where you sign up to place an order for a $1000 cake. I clearly wasn’t going to get a sausage roll here.

Sunny Hot Bread

So I walked down a block to Sunny Vi Huong Hot Bread, nestled on a corner spot by a narrow laneway. Now I’m not one to judge a book by its cover, but I was not particularly surprised to find that this was a Vietnamese bakery, almost indistinguishable from the dozens of others that populate suburbs all across Sydney. They usually do a good range of French style breads, plus the odd pastries. The better ones use the bread and fresh ingredients to assemble banh mi pork rolls, as this one offered from a display case at the front of the shop.

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Cafe Parco, Macquarie Park

5 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, New South Wales

I was at work one morning, when fellow reviewer AC mentioned to me that the cafe downstairs had sausage rolls this morning. I almost never go to this cafe, but from the special attention AC gave to informing me of this event, I must assume that this is a rare offering. So naturally I had to dash downstairs and check it out. AC warned that the rolls he had seen may just have been breakfast items, and might be gone.

Cafe Parco

As it turned out, there were still 3 rolls sitting forlornly in the otherwise empty warming display area where the roasts, pastas, and rice dishes would soon be for the lunch rush. I asked how much, and was told $3.50. I requested one of them, but had to hurriedly reverse my request when I discovered I had no cash in my wallet! I trudged back upstairs to share the news, and a co-worker kindly offered to lend me a $5 note. So I walked back down, bought a roll, and took it out to the al fresco tables to examine it.

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