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No. 743:

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First | Previous | 2010-12-22 | Next | Latest

Extracted from the original commentary document by: Drachefly

The author writes:

The sound effects given are the "realistic" versions, and I admit they're confusing. You may wish to have some clues what they're really supposed to sound like. Actually, that's wrong. Just, whenever I play this scene in my head (and I had to, dozens of times, to write and draw this), the sound effects that ran were these, which don't make any more sense than what was written.

  1. "Donk" can be accurately reproduced by dropping a 4 cm diameter ball of silly putty 1 metre onto the centre of the back of a 25 cm cast iron frying pan, with both at 25 centigrade. "Sh-fizzle" is the sound of an egg cracking onto said frying pan. On the front. When it's hot.
  2. These "pew pew pew" sounds should be performed by a dozen trained chihuahuas.
  3. The standard explosion medley that Stan Freberg used on his radio show.
  4. The opening bars of part 2 of the Symphony of a Thousand. Or, as would be more appropriate to this case, the Symphony of 998.
I think the substitution of the Adagietto from Symphony 5 really improved the realism, but it feels less authentic.