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About Comments on a Postcard

The Guernsey Comics Collective became a cult hit in the late 1990s with their witty series Mango Chutney! In 1998, chief writer Billy Striker began to collect together various other ideas in order to start another strand of work. Painstakingly, the other members of the team began to assemble art, lettering, and design for the series, until they were ready to storm the world once more.

Unfortunately, a fire broke out in the headquarters of the collective in mid 2001, and only one man escaped, the visiting liaison officer from Marvolo-District of Columbia Press. He was hospitalised due to trauma, and remained in a coma until 2005, when he passed away.

The only surviving legacy of this great creative work of the GCC is the "director's commentary", the notes and minutes carried by the publisher that would have marked a spectacular comeback.

This is they.