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No. 150:

First | Previous | 2009-05-06 | Next | Latest

First | Previous | 2009-05-06 | Next | Latest

Transcribed painstakingly from the charred remains of the original notes by: Leon Arnott

The author writes:

Now, I know what you're about to ask me. You're about to ask me, "So, if she turned herself into a slice of bread, but then someone put her in a toaster for one minute, and then she changed back, would she have a really thick tan or a full-body sunburn?"

And the answer is that neither would happen - the transformation conserves mass, but ignores any alterations done to that mass. So, she would change back to exactly the way she was before the transformation took place.

Furthermore, if she was made into toast, but then covered with sticky delicious mango chutney*, and then changed back, the small portion of marmalade would be thinly distributed over her skin. Nothing that a quick shower couldn't fix, and not quite enough to motivate a gigantic dog to start licking her.

* I don't actually know if mango chutney is delicious.