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No. 45: The Secret of Half-monkey, Half-human island.

The Secret of Half-monkey, Half-human island.

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

heading: The Island of Dr Moreaulittle 4
caption: Clear! ZAP! ... Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep...

{The ECG trace shows erratic activity, then a heartbeat is re-established.}

{Dr Moreaulittle is raising the head of a crouching beast-man by tapping it under the chin with his walking stick.}
Dr (singing): I would teach them to walk erect,

{Now Dr Moreaulittle is tapping the same beast on the head to make it kneel.}
Force them to genuflect,

{A horrified octopus is staring at a human elbow that has been grafted into the middle of one of its tentacles.}
Slice... Dice...

{A pair of tweezers are inserting a different chunk of DNA into a horrified chromosome.}
Gene splice and vivisect!

{A crowd of beast-men are cowering before an idol of Dr Moreaulittle.}
And They would wooor...shiiiip... meeeeeee!!!

{A claw tears a ragged wound across the bottom of the page.}

The author writes:

So, the story of Dr Moreaulittle comes to a close. Possibly a bloodier one than he had intended. I'm aware that surgery and genetic manipulation aren't accurately portrayed in this strip, but bear in mind these are the fevered fantasies of a turn-of-the-century deregistered doctor with a god complex, who thinks he can talk to animals.

Back to the usual one-off inanities next week.

Drawn in Inkscape. I'll be glad to get back to drawing with the stylus in Krita, and hopefully doing single panels for a while, to simplify the task...