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No. 44: Animal Farm by H. George Orwells

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Animal Farm by H. George Orwells

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

heading: The Island of Dr Moreaulittle 3
caption: Surgery continues, and the prognosis is good. It looks like Doctor M will be coming out alive!

{The surgical marker lines and iodine from the previous strip are carried over.}

{A hyena-human-warthog cross.}
Dr (singing): I would cross hyena, man and warthog,

{The silhouette of a shadowy horned creature with a staff and a book.}
And I'd create a sayer of the laws

{A walking stick figure, superimposed on the words "Two legs good!", with a green tick.}
He would tell them all to go on two legs,

{A stooping stick figure about to put his hands on the ground, superimposed on the words "Four legs bad!", with a red cross.}
And punish them for going on all fours!

{A beast man wearing a Devo-style energy dome hat.}
They would chant "Are we not men?" like Devo

{A toothy face with a lolling tongue, dripping saliva, and quivering.}
While they strive to hold themselves in check

{A mouth with bloody fangs and a paw with bloody claws.}
Though their nature is red in tooth and claw and

{A moustachioed giraffe-creature.}
They want to bite each other in the neck

{An ECG trace that stops and flatlines halfway across the page.}
caption: Nurse! 20 CCs of get-this-comic-finished STAT!.

The author writes:

Only one more episode to go.

Drawn in Inkscape.