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Episode 2.15: The Trouble with Tribbles


Often cited as the best episode of the series, "The Trouble with Tribbles" was considered a bad episode by several of the production crew, including series co-producer Bob Justman, third season producer Fred Freiberger, and writer of "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and contributor to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Samuel A. Peeples. They each disliked the humour aspects of the episode - which is exactly what makes it so endearing to so many fans.

Koloth was intended to be a recurring villain, but never appeared again until the animated series of Star Trek, and then again as an old man in a 1994 episode of Deep Space Nine, "Blood Oath".


Captain's log, Stardate 4523.3. Space station K7 has issued a Code One distress call.
Kirk: A Klingon attack! Allons-y!
Lurry: {over radio} This is station manager Lurry. Actually...
{At Space Station K7}
Lurry: Whoever best develops Sherman's Planet, us or the Klingons, claims it under treaty.
Baris: I sent the Code One! Protect my wheat!
Spock: You should trade it for sheep and ore.
{the bar on K7}
Cyrano Jones: Care for a tribble, lovely lady?
Tribble: Purr!
Uhura: Oooh.
Chekov: This vill be perfect for posting photos on SpaceBook.
Caption: Klingons arrive:
Kirk: Captain Koloth.
Koloth: Kirk. I invoke shore leave rights.
Caption: It's Trelane!
Lurry: You can't let them...
Kirk: I'm grumpy! I can!
{a corridor on the Enterprise}
Chekov: {over intercom} Bridge to Kiptain! Mr Baris calling.
Baris: There are Klingons here!
Kirk: As long as they're not fighting with my crew.
SFX: Punch! {Scotty in the bar punches a Klingon}
SFX: All-in brawl!
Kirk: {facing a line of crew standing at attention} All right, Mr...
O'Brien: O'Brien, sir.
Kirk: Mr O'Brien. Who started the fight?
O'Brien: I don't know, sir.
Kirk: Chekov?
Chekov: Russians didn't know first, sir.
Kirk: There's a tribble in my chair!
Tribble: Purr!
Spock: They are breeding exponentially.
McCoy: They're bisexual, Jim. They have sex all the time!
Spock: What if they get into the grain?
Kirk: Allons-y!
{Kirk in pile of tribbles, below the storage lockers on K7}
Spock: They ate all the grain.
McCoy: But they're dead. Poisoned! The grain was sabotaged!
Kirk: Is someone up there tossing tribbles?
Kirk: I'll use a tribble as a Klingon detector, instead of a tricorder.
Tribble: Hiss!
Kirk: Baris, your assistant Darvin is a Klingon agent! He poisoned the grain!
Darvin: I would have gotten away with it if not for those meddling tribbles!
{Enterprise bridge}
Kirk: No tribbles. Where are they, Scotty?
Scotty: I detected a cloaked ship nearby. Must have been another Klingon. I beamed 'em all on board just before it vanished.
Kirk: Excellent! No more tribulations!

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