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No. 81: Rogue-Unlike


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Strip by: Leon Arnott

[caption]: The alphabet suddenly attacks!
[caption]: Meridien casts Van Allen! X is irradiated! D is irra iate ! T is irra ia e !
[caption]: Oliver performs a Snicker-Slice! V is slain! L is s ain!
[caption]: Ho y cas s S icks an S ones! K is bro en! B is ro en!
Holly: I hin we nee o reconsi er our s ra egy.
Delkin: -.. .. . --..-- -.-. --- -. ... --- -. .- -. - ... -.-. ..- --

The author writes:

I 's a  i   ric y to proper y  escri e wha  sor  of compu er game a Rogue i e is, so  e 's suffice to say  ha  a majori y of  hem in o  e figh ing le  ers of  he a pha e .

Inci en a  y:  an A  en.