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No. 710: Inevitable, really, part 2

Inevitable, really, part 2

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Strip by: ExtraCrispy

{Ambrose on a roof standing next to a lightning rod}
Ambrose: Aha! Finally installed my new lightning rod!
{An owl appears and sits atop the lightning rod}
Owl: Hoot
{Ambrose becomes annoyed and starts shaking the lightning rod with the owl still on it}
Ambrose: Hey! Get off!
{The owl flies as lightning strikes the rod, shocking Ambrose}
{Ambrose is charred while the owl sits atop the lightning rod once again}
Owl: Hoot

The author writes:

Sometimes, I like to think Ambrose's reasoning for making lightning made of owls is based on revenge. Also, apologies in advance.

{Admin note: ExtraCrispy submitted two different versions of this strip, asking me to pick my favourite. But I said: ¡¿Por que no los dos?! The first version appeared as #707.}