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No. 678: Doing It for the Art - Part 1

Doing It for the Art - Part 1

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Strip by: Cody

{Delkin is in a TV network office talking to an executive, played by Ambrose}
Ambrose: That special you sold us was a huge success!
Ambrose: We have great interest in turning it into a regular series.
Delkin: WHAT? You want to do what to my special?
Ambrose: {looking at a line chart} We want to turn it into a prime-time series. This chart shows the ratings on the night it aired.
Delkin: No, I wanted to do it as a one-time thing only.
Ambrose: Hmph. In that case, you have the rest of the day to think about it.
Delkin: Not even a week?
Ambrose: What do you think this is? A daily updated webcomic?

The author writes:

And welcome to yet another short story arc brought to you by Lightning Made of Owls!