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No. 653: Your Attention, Please

Your Attention, Please

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Strip by: Cody

{Prof. Ambrose is standing behind a podium}
Prof. Ambrose: I would like to briefly explain something.
Prof. Ambrose: One thing that greatly annoys me is when you're standing up on a stage trying to give a lecture and no one pays any attention.
{in the background, Delkin strangles Steve}
Prof. Ambrose: I think people in our country need to strive harder to pay better attention.
{in the background, Holly and Meridien run from an Allosaurus}
Allosaurus: RAAARH
Prof. Ambrose: I hope you all got something from this.
{in the background, David Morgan-Mar walks past}

The author writes:

David Morgan-Mar image shamelessly ripped from Irregular Webcomic! #3264.